World of Kharros

Assassinating a Lord
Escape from Vackos

Grit and Mad-Dog intercepted the group on the way back to the Dogs Alehouse stopping them from walking right into a group of Mage Hunters. They were escorted to the “guest house” a place where the Disgraceful Civilians take prisoners on the rare occasions they have any.

There they found Norro leaving a room covered in blood and cleaning his blade, this is where he told them that he had confirmation that the Lord had been paying the 2 bigger guilds to kidnap people and send them to Illviari, So Norro had planned to cut the head of the snake by assassinating the Lord.
He told the group they do not have to assist while also giving them a Letter of sending and asking if they make it to the Underdark to look for his wife.
From there they took one final day to prepare before meeting Norro to make their way out of the city and to the outside of the Lords Manor. They turned invisible and Norro teleported them into the grounds of the Manor. He unlocked the door and let them in, the group made their way through the Manor to the locked off wing.
They went through the wing finding that most things were covered in a thick layer of dust and unused. Heading upstairs they found a locked room with 2 guards which they were able to deal with quickly. Upon entering the room they found it had bars on the windows and was locked from the outside with no way of escaping. They also found the lord and after a brief discussion with him learnt that he had been replaced.

They went to the main hall where they found The Lord, his adviser and the head of the Guard. Aurisha transformed to look like a guard and charged in hoping to separate the Guard captain from the others. They levitated the captain to the ceiling where he was forced to stay throughtout the combat that followed, while also screaming for more guards.

The Lord and his adviser then followed through to the entrance hall, the Lord tackling Norro and transforming to look like him, while the Adviser stayed at the door. The fight was quick and they were able to kill the lord/doppelganger, however the Adviser escaped after revealing itself to be A Yuan Ti Mindwhisperer. Almost killing Aurisha and Ragnis, it escaped in its snake form while the group gathered up and teleported out. What followed was a mad dash through the city sewers to where there carriage was waiting and they made their way out of the city as quickly as possible pushing the horses to their limits. They eventually made their way to Eysgate and from there carried on to Biefields

Search for the Incubus
Info Dump

The group started by visiting the City Guard station where they found a Black Dragonborn investigator called Sili, she gave the group enough info to get started about the murders that have slowly spread across the city. Following these leads they investigated at the Crossroads, where they also met a guard who told them about the Lords unusual behavior. They also went to the Dogs Alehouse where they learnt one of the victims had been attending the Old Hell Hound more regularly before his demise.
Upon visiting the Old Hell Hound they were greeted by Madame Wyonna, who firstly gave them a line up of women both popular and new, none of which gave off any sign of being magical, So John-boy went with Burga and Bawreen went with LilI to find out more information. While Ragnis asked for a line up of new guys not his usual, there he spotted a Half-elf masking his form. This lead to them finding Domi, who happily revealed himself to be the incubus in the hopes of getting help from Aurisha and Ragnis.

The next day the group split up to do research, Aurisha and Ragnis finding their way into the long abandoned temple Azuth, while the other 2 went to the temple of Tyr. In the temple of Azuth they found some books on the Shadowfell, types of magic and the elemental planes. They also found an older book on demons. Which contained a ritual for banshing Succubi and Incubi. The other 2 found a few records on the guard rotation of Biefields as well as an updated version of the same book on demons, containing the same ritual as well as suggestions on how to kill a demon. Following up on this information the Ragnis visited Domi again and the rest went to the undercity looking for a blacksmith.

In the Undercity the group met with a duergar Dakkik Darkspear, a rune smith who works on making Underdark weapons and selling them. The group bought 2 crossbows from him as well as getting some weapon enchantments. While Ragnis went and made a deal with Domi, if he’s willing to put on a show they can banish him back to his own plane of existence. All he had to do was starve himself for a few days.

A few days passed (see Time in Vackos)

The group managed to banish the Incubi with Sili and a town guard as witnesses, allowing them to pull of the illusion of his death, sending him home and being able to claim the reward from the lord.

Time in Vackos
Downtime sessions

So far the party have taken part in the foxes battle arena.
They learnt about what Aurisha saw before she died and Norro told the group about his investigations into the number of missing people being reported. He believes that the 2 factions and the lord are working together to collect mages and send them south, this was confirmed by the vision.

They visited the undercity and spoke to Balthuia as well as learning about an auction later in the evening.
The group then split up, The girls going to a tailor and the guys going to see the lord.

The lord was able to tell them about an incubi who has been attacking people within the city, which he would be willing to pay if they can prove he has been killed.

While waiting for the Incubi to starve the group participated in the robbery of the home of Suran Thindel. They also all spent some time trying to learn new skills, Aurisha practiced with her new Crossbow, Ragnis learnt about different types of magic as well as attempted to practice picking locks. Bawreen practiced the pipes and John-Boy learnt the basics of poison.

Ragnis also got a rapier enchanted with a Vind rune. The group registered themselves as Project Badass, getting a crest designed as well as a stamp made. They also commissioned some banners and bought a carriage and horses.

First day in Varkos
6th session

The group entered Vackos where they encountered crowds of people and market stalls. Upon seeing a goliath of the Stonefist clan, John-boy asked him why people call him a goliath and learnt about his stones endurance.
They managed to get Laserie Nuumel home to her father who paid them a reward and offered them a meal after he closed up shop.
While the group waited they went to the Dogs Alehouse to meet the Disgraceful Civilians, where they learnt about a fight club owned and run by the Foxes. They were also told about a plan to burgle the home of Suran Thindel.

They met Tane, Lugdog (mad dog) and Gritt, they were also told Norro was in the undercity searching for information on a woman who went missing (kayleigh), they finished off the day by going to the foxes warehouse, where they discovered the inside to be much larger and custom built for fighting than the outside would let on

Eysgate and the storm
Sessions 3 to 5

The party decided to head north to take Laserie Nuumel home. Before they left Thrumils caravan to go with Thrundil, they decided to drop in on the noble Suran Thindel. They discovered he was a wizard who is on his way to the capital to take his father’s place as head of the company. They also learnt he was taught by Sengric, a golemancer who lives not far out of Eysgate. As well as more information on how the wild storm and how the storm creates sorcerers.

When they got to Eysgate Thrundil decided to buckle down and wait for the storm to pass. While there the group learnt about a group of mage hunters who passed through looking for a group of individuals who matched their descriptions.
They spent some time in the town restocking and getting equipment for themselves and Laserie from Bins Blades.
On storm day the mage hunters arrived and a fight broke out. They killed the mage hunters and melted their armour and equipment down in the forge and stuffed the bodies in a bag of holding.
On the road the Vackos they buried the bodies of the road.

Trip to the Rusty Wagon
2nd Session

It is currently 14 days from the next storm day, by the time they leave it will be 12 days from storm day.

While in the inn the players can ask the Inn Keeper Amin an old female dwarf about the other patrons, mostly hunters who help keep the Larder stocked in exchange for bed and beer. Who are currently searching for a large creature who attacked them a few nights prior (Hippogryph)
Alternatively as the night goes on Harkens posse will start to get more drunk and rambunctious a DC 15 perception check will reveal that they are travelling to Illviari with a “prize bounty that will make them all rich”. They are referring to Laserie Nuumel.#
While the 3 guards are drinking, 1 is still guarding the wagon and Harken is sending a message north to Vackos, sending for the mage hunters.
The Inn also has another Caravan of people heading North. Thrumil seems very friendly with one of the men and spends much of the night talking with him, although he seems to get quite concerned about something as the night goes on. If pressed on the matter he explains that the man he was talking to was his brother and he has just been told that the river has became swollen and destroyed the only bridge across along this road. Although he insists it should be fine as they are still about 3 weeks away from there and he’s sure a temporary fix will be found by the time they get there.

Through a combination of smooth talking, lots of alcohol and money, 2 of the group got 3 of Harkens men completely drunk. While the other 2 took a beer laced with sleeping potion out to the 4th. Once the potion had taken effect they took the guard and tied him to a tree, gagged him and left him there.

Aurisha then managed to unlock the door and cage keeping Laserie Nuumel imprisoned. They also discovered that the inside of the cage had an antimagic field inside but did not discover the source.
The group then decided to steal a wagon and head north with the girl, just as Harken rounded the corner after using a sending stone to send a message to his men in Vackos to alert the Mage hunters of someone with magical abilities being on the caravan.
The party then started heading north as Harken discovered the girl was gone, he gave chase by horse, followed by his most sober man. After a long chase in which the man, a horse and Harken were set on fire and killed, the group found themselves about 4 miles north of the wagon, however they did not find Harkens sending stone.

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