World of Kharros

Assassinating a Lord

Escape from Vackos

Grit and Mad-Dog intercepted the group on the way back to the Dogs Alehouse stopping them from walking right into a group of Mage Hunters. They were escorted to the “guest house” a place where the Disgraceful Civilians take prisoners on the rare occasions they have any.

There they found Norro leaving a room covered in blood and cleaning his blade, this is where he told them that he had confirmation that the Lord had been paying the 2 bigger guilds to kidnap people and send them to Illviari, So Norro had planned to cut the head of the snake by assassinating the Lord.
He told the group they do not have to assist while also giving them a Letter of sending and asking if they make it to the Underdark to look for his wife.
From there they took one final day to prepare before meeting Norro to make their way out of the city and to the outside of the Lords Manor. They turned invisible and Norro teleported them into the grounds of the Manor. He unlocked the door and let them in, the group made their way through the Manor to the locked off wing.
They went through the wing finding that most things were covered in a thick layer of dust and unused. Heading upstairs they found a locked room with 2 guards which they were able to deal with quickly. Upon entering the room they found it had bars on the windows and was locked from the outside with no way of escaping. They also found the lord and after a brief discussion with him learnt that he had been replaced.

They went to the main hall where they found The Lord, his adviser and the head of the Guard. Aurisha transformed to look like a guard and charged in hoping to separate the Guard captain from the others. They levitated the captain to the ceiling where he was forced to stay throughtout the combat that followed, while also screaming for more guards.

The Lord and his adviser then followed through to the entrance hall, the Lord tackling Norro and transforming to look like him, while the Adviser stayed at the door. The fight was quick and they were able to kill the lord/doppelganger, however the Adviser escaped after revealing itself to be A Yuan Ti Mindwhisperer. Almost killing Aurisha and Ragnis, it escaped in its snake form while the group gathered up and teleported out. What followed was a mad dash through the city sewers to where there carriage was waiting and they made their way out of the city as quickly as possible pushing the horses to their limits. They eventually made their way to Eysgate and from there carried on to Biefields


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