World of Kharros

First day in Varkos

6th session

The group entered Vackos where they encountered crowds of people and market stalls. Upon seeing a goliath of the Stonefist clan, John-boy asked him why people call him a goliath and learnt about his stones endurance.
They managed to get Laserie Nuumel home to her father who paid them a reward and offered them a meal after he closed up shop.
While the group waited they went to the Dogs Alehouse to meet the Disgraceful Civilians, where they learnt about a fight club owned and run by the Foxes. They were also told about a plan to burgle the home of Suran Thindel.

They met Tane, Lugdog (mad dog) and Gritt, they were also told Norro was in the undercity searching for information on a woman who went missing (kayleigh), they finished off the day by going to the foxes warehouse, where they discovered the inside to be much larger and custom built for fighting than the outside would let on


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