World of Kharros

Trip to the Rusty Wagon

2nd Session

It is currently 14 days from the next storm day, by the time they leave it will be 12 days from storm day.

While in the inn the players can ask the Inn Keeper Amin an old female dwarf about the other patrons, mostly hunters who help keep the Larder stocked in exchange for bed and beer. Who are currently searching for a large creature who attacked them a few nights prior (Hippogryph)
Alternatively as the night goes on Harkens posse will start to get more drunk and rambunctious a DC 15 perception check will reveal that they are travelling to Illviari with a “prize bounty that will make them all rich”. They are referring to Laserie Nuumel.#
While the 3 guards are drinking, 1 is still guarding the wagon and Harken is sending a message north to Vackos, sending for the mage hunters.
The Inn also has another Caravan of people heading North. Thrumil seems very friendly with one of the men and spends much of the night talking with him, although he seems to get quite concerned about something as the night goes on. If pressed on the matter he explains that the man he was talking to was his brother and he has just been told that the river has became swollen and destroyed the only bridge across along this road. Although he insists it should be fine as they are still about 3 weeks away from there and he’s sure a temporary fix will be found by the time they get there.

Through a combination of smooth talking, lots of alcohol and money, 2 of the group got 3 of Harkens men completely drunk. While the other 2 took a beer laced with sleeping potion out to the 4th. Once the potion had taken effect they took the guard and tied him to a tree, gagged him and left him there.

Aurisha then managed to unlock the door and cage keeping Laserie Nuumel imprisoned. They also discovered that the inside of the cage had an antimagic field inside but did not discover the source.
The group then decided to steal a wagon and head north with the girl, just as Harken rounded the corner after using a sending stone to send a message to his men in Vackos to alert the Mage hunters of someone with magical abilities being on the caravan.
The party then started heading north as Harken discovered the girl was gone, he gave chase by horse, followed by his most sober man. After a long chase in which the man, a horse and Harken were set on fire and killed, the group found themselves about 4 miles north of the wagon, however they did not find Harkens sending stone.


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