Biefields Owners

The biefield party


Group Leader – Henry Bastow (friends with Norro Theydark and Sengric) currently not in Biefields, left in search of information based on a message received from Norro.

Gera Oakmantle – Dwarf Blacksmith – Battlerager Doesn’t take shit from anyone even the BDB won’t help them but also won’t kill them.

Zeke Tallstuff – Gnome Bard – Runs the inn, tricks people into buying drinks. Lets John-Boy believe he’s a hero, knows John-boy is a goliath and who his real parents were

Helbrin – Human Sorcerer – Owns and runs the general store, keeps to himself due to how anti-mage the town are. Knew the man that John-boy killed was a druid who would help the towns crops grow. Since then they do not grow as well

Tabitha – Tabaxi Shadowdancer – A monk who was once part of an order of shadow monks, who are both assassins and peace keepers. Destroying evil before it has a chance to rise. She left the order to join the adventuring party before settling down as a general practitioner. Keeps to herself unless people come to her for advice or worship


Biefields Owners

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