Ragnis Pyroc

Fire Genasi Bard


Son to a well off Abjuration Wizard in the city of Illviari, Ragnis’s other parent being an Efreeti who would often visit the material plane to bargain with mortals and represent the City of Brass. (or other large Fire Plane city/settlement)

Ragnis spent his youth living with his mother in the mage quarters of Illviari, receiving a good education along side many high born children of the city. However his studies never held his attention for long, often being distracted by his “get rich quick” schemes that involved conning his classmates out of their sizable allowances.

Being the son of a well respected wizard, it was expected of him to follow in his mother’s footsteps and become a magical practitioner like her, however much to her annoyance these studies were often neglected in favour of Ragnis’s other passion, music. From a very young age he fell in love with stories of adventuring musicians and would imitate bards of renown by trying to infuse his music with the arcane tricks he had learned either from his studies or picked up from his mother.

Ragnis was 13 when the storm hit proper, almost immediately being withdrawn from school to be better protected by his mother. After two years, with no sign of the storm relenting and the mage’s quarters being repurposed into a makeshift prison, he left the city under the cover of night and the use of a few scrolls of his mother’s, seeing Illviari for the last time when he was 15.

He found his way to the city of Vackos, under the promise that magics were still traded and used, thinking it might be a better place to find some freedoms as an arcane practitioner. Busking to make his way, he was noticed by a particularly rough looking individual named Norro Theydark as Ragnis would often subtly influence people with magic to throw in more coins than they had intended.

Hooking Ragnis by the neck and dragging him off the street, Norro Theydark berated him for what would certainly not be the last time. Offering him a place to stay and a much better way to earn coin, he was brought to the base of a small, but we’ll connected theives guild, the Disgraceful Civilians. Offered a bed due to his way with people, and perhaps more because the groups previous member with any musical inclination has recently been snatched up by mage hunters, he spent the next decade of his life conning and playing his way.

Although he enjoyed his time with the Disgraceful, and thought of them as adoptive family, he always had an yearning for more. Although he had always made fun of his old high born classmates, he knew he was owed more from the world and felt robbed of his birthright. It was in this pursuit of lost destiny he began researching a side of his parentage he had never cared to give much thought, the Efreeti he would call father.

In an effort to find this Efreeti, claim whatever birthright is owed to him and, if he can, gather a fortune of his own, Ragnis has left the Civilians of the Disgraceful. He now follows the thread that sometime either before the storm or in its first months, his father was spirited away or kidnapped and placed in a bottle. However if this story is true, and if so where this bottle lies, is unknown to him for now.

Prawmorith Glowstone: Human woman, a plane hopping Abjuration Wizard. Ragnis’s mother. A reserved and proper woman in her mid sixties, she was well respected amongst the upper classes of society. Currently (to Ragnis’s knowledge) dwelling within the mages quarter under effectively house arrest.
Norro Theydark: Elven man, leader of the Disgraceful Civilians. Took Ragnis in while he was busking in Vackos. Sly and charismatic, a tenacious leader and talented burglar. Knows some magic, but not loads.
Belleville Rubymine: Female dwarf, last known as one of Ragnis’s classmates in Illviari. The two were close, often getting into trouble together. They were separated when the mages quarter was closed off. Ragnis last saw her when he stopped by her family’s estate on the night of his escape.
Gritt: Human woman, member of the Disgraceful Civilians. Only a couple of years older than Ragnis, she was charged with showing him the ropes upon his arrival and they quickly became close friends from that point on. They often worked grifts and scams together. Ragnis thinks of her as his little sister (much to her annoyance) and his best friend. (Even more to her annoyance) She was upset to learn Ragnis was going to leave and the two didn’t speak in the two weeks leading to his departure.

Ragnis Pyroc

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