North Coast

The North Coast has been considered lost since the storms began. It was once home to many fishing villages as well as a Major city and Dwarven cItadel.

The Lost Citadel is known as Steelsea Citadel, built close to the coast it was the home of the Iron Fleet and the Sea Dwarves. They were said to be the ones who kept the seas safe from pirates and were the first and last line of defense against the Storm Giants who live beneath the waves. They were the only ones to ever perfect ships made of metal.

The City was the primarily Human city known as Lastow, being the closest city to the Druid city it was a city that was still close to nature, with a large park as well as no walls of stone. rather it had a natural moat made of a river that opened up to the sea. The area surrounding the city was filled with large farmland, the city thrived on trade with some of the nearby islands as well as the druids. It is now the Lair of A Black Shadow Dragon, that emerged from a portal to the Shadowfell in the center of the city and destroyed it within a matter of minutes. The surrounding area is now filled with death.

There was also a castle that belonged to one of the strongest wizards in the land who’s castle is now a mess of arcane energy and abominations, corrupted by the influence of the nearby shadow dragon. The Wizard was rescued by the Gold Dragon Tannid – Arcane Protectorate.

North Coast

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