World of Kharros

Eysgate and the storm

Sessions 3 to 5

The party decided to head north to take Laserie Nuumel home. Before they left Thrumils caravan to go with Thrundil, they decided to drop in on the noble Suran Thindel. They discovered he was a wizard who is on his way to the capital to take his father’s place as head of the company. They also learnt he was taught by Sengric, a golemancer who lives not far out of Eysgate. As well as more information on how the wild storm and how the storm creates sorcerers.

When they got to Eysgate Thrundil decided to buckle down and wait for the storm to pass. While there the group learnt about a group of mage hunters who passed through looking for a group of individuals who matched their descriptions.
They spent some time in the town restocking and getting equipment for themselves and Laserie from Bins Blades.
On storm day the mage hunters arrived and a fight broke out. They killed the mage hunters and melted their armour and equipment down in the forge and stuffed the bodies in a bag of holding.
On the road the Vackos they buried the bodies of the road.


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