World of Kharros

Search for the Incubus

Info Dump

The group started by visiting the City Guard station where they found a Black Dragonborn investigator called Sili, she gave the group enough info to get started about the murders that have slowly spread across the city. Following these leads they investigated at the Crossroads, where they also met a guard who told them about the Lords unusual behavior. They also went to the Dogs Alehouse where they learnt one of the victims had been attending the Old Hell Hound more regularly before his demise.
Upon visiting the Old Hell Hound they were greeted by Madame Wyonna, who firstly gave them a line up of women both popular and new, none of which gave off any sign of being magical, So John-boy went with Burga and Bawreen went with LilI to find out more information. While Ragnis asked for a line up of new guys not his usual, there he spotted a Half-elf masking his form. This lead to them finding Domi, who happily revealed himself to be the incubus in the hopes of getting help from Aurisha and Ragnis.

The next day the group split up to do research, Aurisha and Ragnis finding their way into the long abandoned temple Azuth, while the other 2 went to the temple of Tyr. In the temple of Azuth they found some books on the Shadowfell, types of magic and the elemental planes. They also found an older book on demons. Which contained a ritual for banshing Succubi and Incubi. The other 2 found a few records on the guard rotation of Biefields as well as an updated version of the same book on demons, containing the same ritual as well as suggestions on how to kill a demon. Following up on this information the Ragnis visited Domi again and the rest went to the undercity looking for a blacksmith.

In the Undercity the group met with a duergar Dakkik Darkspear, a rune smith who works on making Underdark weapons and selling them. The group bought 2 crossbows from him as well as getting some weapon enchantments. While Ragnis went and made a deal with Domi, if he’s willing to put on a show they can banish him back to his own plane of existence. All he had to do was starve himself for a few days.

A few days passed (see Time in Vackos)

The group managed to banish the Incubi with Sili and a town guard as witnesses, allowing them to pull of the illusion of his death, sending him home and being able to claim the reward from the lord.


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