World of Kharros

Time in Vackos

Downtime sessions

So far the party have taken part in the foxes battle arena.
They learnt about what Aurisha saw before she died and Norro told the group about his investigations into the number of missing people being reported. He believes that the 2 factions and the lord are working together to collect mages and send them south, this was confirmed by the vision.

They visited the undercity and spoke to Balthuia as well as learning about an auction later in the evening.
The group then split up, The girls going to a tailor and the guys going to see the lord.

The lord was able to tell them about an incubi who has been attacking people within the city, which he would be willing to pay if they can prove he has been killed.

While waiting for the Incubi to starve the group participated in the robbery of the home of Suran Thindel. They also all spent some time trying to learn new skills, Aurisha practiced with her new Crossbow, Ragnis learnt about different types of magic as well as attempted to practice picking locks. Bawreen practiced the pipes and John-Boy learnt the basics of poison.

Ragnis also got a rapier enchanted with a Vind rune. The group registered themselves as Project Badass, getting a crest designed as well as a stamp made. They also commissioned some banners and bought a carriage and horses.


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