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  • Illviari

    The capital city and originally the seat of the King and home of the royal family, it was built by elves several ages before the storm. It is the largest of all the cities and is the biggest in population, it once had the largest mages quarter of all the …

  • Rusty Wagon Inn

    Located along the Forest road connecting Vackos to [[Illviari | Illviari]] it is the main road used for trade between the 2 cities as well as the most direct route between them. The inn is a two-storey timber and brick building, with a heather-thatched …

  • Vackos

    What was once a trade hub and business center of the world, has now become corrupt. Black market dealings and underground guilds have lead to the city gaining a reputation as a place to keep an eye on your coin purse. It is still a hub for trading but for …

  • Eysgate

    A small village 2 days south of Vackos, the village contains about 40 people, most of which are mage sympathisers. The members of this village helped many magic users escape Vackos by smuggling them south east to the dwarven fortress of Tayfo'glym, which …

  • Biefield

    A small human village of farmers, this is the place John-boy grew up and formed the BDB before being chased out of town

  • Healey

    Actually Aelstow Population 1100, mixed human and halfling. The town sits upon the banks of a river, as well as a crossroads. The road to the west heads further into the Moonshadow Forest, while the east road eventually heads north east Tayfo'glym

  • Brywood

    Population 290, primarily human, some hobgoblin and kenku. This small village of mostly hunters and fisherman has been built by some of the people who have had to flee Vackos for one reason or another.