The Eastern Most Dwarven Citadel on the continent its also the largest and most heavily fortified. The first thing anyone notices upon approaching the city are the Large Doors of solid metal, with a grey/blue shine to it. These doors are made of Titanium, but the dwarves call it Titan Steel. To open the door requires 2 Iron golems to turn a large mechanism within the door.
Upon entering one thing that is quickly noticeable is the collection of gnomes and dwarves working together, as well as the large amount of mechanisations. The citadel is built in a Pentagonal shape, with a living quarters, the lords district, The great forges, the Titan door and the workshop all having a different outcropping. Beneath the central chamber is also an entrance to the underdark.

The Lords District – The current leader is Ogrin Titanhammer, son of Gorim, Son of Storn, blessed by the Forge-Father himself with the ability to work Titan Steel, builder of the Titan Doors and he who kept the Citadel safe for 600 years. Ogrin is leader of Tayfo’Glym and represents them as both an ambassador to the Human/Elven kingdoms (still refers to it as the elven kingdom) As well as the cities representative among the council of dwarves. This district houses his family as well as the council meeting hall and the throne room.

The Living Quarter – This district is filled with many homes and simple businesses such as bakeries and general stores. It also has a large mead hall called the Truesilver Barrel. This is the basic living quarters for all inhabitants of the city.

The Great Forges – these are a collection of 30 forges usable by all members of the city while 5 of the Forges are reserved for the 5 master smiths of the city. They are powered by a fire elemental that was supposedly captured by Storn Titanhammer, in chains made of Titan Steel. These forges are hot enough to heat any metal and are the secret behind Titan Steel. They produce the metal used in the forging of many of the golems as well weapons, weapons, armour and parts to stock the workshops.

The Titan Workshops – This is the main working hub of the Citadel, within it are many sub districts for different kinds of workshop. Whether it is golems, artificing, or general mechanics. Most of the work consists of upkeep and repair more than building new golems. However it is expected of most Artificers to spend atleast a year here working on their own weapon and companion. This is also the main place for working with Gunsmiths and black powder.

Titan Door – These Doors are both the entrance to the Citadel and first line of defense, The Doors are made of Titan Steel and Reach more than 40ft high. Inside the hall is a walkway of solid stone about 40ft wide, this is lined with 10ft statues of great Dwarven heroes, these Statues are also golems that come to life if the city is ever under attack. Below is a drop down in to an unknown point in the underdark, its theorised that even with magic no one has been able to survive the fall

The Central Chamber – This grand chamber branches of to the 5 sections of the city while also acting as a meeting place for people as well as entertainment center. The walls are lined with carving of great dwarven moments. Mostly depicting the capturing of the elemental as well as the construction of the TItan Doors. Theres also an array of giant dwarven statues which once again come to life in the dwarves time of need.
Below this chamber is an entrance to the underdark, this is the only part of the Citadel where anyone will see armed guards, In heavy dwarven Plate armour carrying different weapons. Some with hammers and shields, Mostly rifles, Some Pistol and shield. They are stood alongside Golems.

Underdark Entrance – The entrance stretches about half a mile before opening up into a small chamber, with minecarts, wagons and pack animals being kept. with one final gate being heavily guarded which heads into the underdark proper. From here there is also a rail system and road that is stretches hundreds of miles down a reinforced tunnel, connecting the 4 remaining Citadels. The 5th being lost behind a cave in.


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