The capital city and originally the seat of the King and home of the royal family, it was built by elves several ages before the storm. It is the largest of all the cities and is the biggest in population, it once had the largest mages quarter of all the cities. It is now the seat of the council and mage hunters headquarters. The mages quarter is now a prison fortress design to hold those it once taught.

The City is surrounded by a large hexagonal wall the also separates out the districts, with checkpoints between each district with heavy guard and mage hunter activity in the Noble and Market district either side of the old mage quarter.

A rough population of 19000-21000 there are very old arcane wards protecting and reinforcing the outer walls, as well as a further population of roughly 2000 in the surrounding area which is perfect for agriculture as well as fishing due to its close proximity to the coast.

In its center is a citadel which one housed the royal family it is now the seat of the Lords council however, no one in the city is quite sure which Lords and Ladies are actually on the council, only that they have kept them safe from magic and helped form the mage hunters organisation.


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