What was once a trade hub and business center of the world, has now become corrupt. Black market dealings and underground guilds have lead to the city gaining a reputation as a place to keep an eye on your coin purse. It is still a hub for trading but for information and secrets more than goods and service.

A rough population of 11000, of mixed races. The city is a labyrinth of winding, narrow streets and dark alleys. Two factions war openly for control of the city, while several other smaller guilds fight for survival and recognition.

It is rumoured to have the largest population of magic users who live within the cities sewers and run down buildings as a result it also has a large amount of mage hunter activity as well as eager bounty hunters looking to make easy money.

The 2 largest thieves guilds are
The Foxes of Vackos (Leader – Elven male Almor Thackirian)
and The Black Thorns (Leader – Black Dragonborn Arabus Dr’uukar)

Temples – Run down temple of Azuth God of Wizardry
Temple of Waukeen Goddess of trade
Temple of Tyr God of Justice
Under City Shrine to Mask God of Thieves

Crossroads Inn run by a Half-Orc named Agdush

Dogs Alehouse – Run and owned by The Disgraceful Civilians, the tavern owner is Tane. He is a retired alchemist, and keeps a small workshop in the cellar


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