Velddra Sshamaer

This grand city exists within one of the largest known caverns in the Underdark, lit by a forest of glowing fungi that grows on the ceiling of the cavern as well as a central park within the city.

Much of the architecture stretches high and narrow, with curved extrusions coming to sharp points on some of the taller buildings. Walkways made of thick spider webs connect upper levels of the city where many buildings have been built around the natural structure of the cavern and river flows through the middle of the bottom layer.

A market square illuminated by a giant mushroom exists on a high stone pillar that overlooks much of the city. Where many underdark races can be found trading goods. Theres also a rough refuge city has been built on the edge of the city, carved in to the cavern wall. Here many types of spellcasters can be found living.

The main political power in the city is House Mizzrym, however with the daughter of the matriarch having disappeared their power is under threat by the proposed joining of House Hindra and Szithlu. With House Nasin being the weakest house with no daughter to succeed as Matriarch only a son.

Many of the refugees are spell casters and as such are valued for their abilities, many are given basic living requirements in exchange for their services. Healers, are put to work in the barracks helping drow scouts who have come back injured. While many others are used for either their enchanting abilities or have been taught basic potion making. As a result the city has become the foremost leader in potion exports. Many traders make the journey down to the city to buy potions in bulk and trade with the Overworld. It’s also one of the few places you can find spellcrafting components such as arcane ink and spell paper in abundance.

Velddra Sshamaer

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